Speech of the dean of the college


In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful

The college of engineering provides a suitable learning and teaching environment, this is why it is worthy of being called " humanitarian test". Since the foundation of the college in 1988 and it has been developing ever since. The college had has two departments they are: department of civil engineering and department of mechanical engineering. Now, the college has departments in electrical engineering, environmental engineering, architectural engineering, and electrochemical engineering. The college provides after graduate studies in the fields mentioned earlier.

The professors participate in the scientific seminars and they publish researches in the scientific journals in and outside the country. The college also gives consulting services to the government institutions. The most distinctive consulting service is preparing engineering planning for the ministry of housing. The college also choses the best up to date curriculums and modern laboratories.

Latest achievement in this field is a curriculum in engineering drawing has been circulated on the colleges of engineering. Due to the spent efforts and the use of electronic learning the college hopes to get the international academic accreditation.