College of engineering in Babylon university prepare a well-qualified engineers in different specialties in order to serve and develop the community. The college grants master and doctorate degrees to prepare researchers and leaders. The college provides services like counseling, designing, and laboratory tests. The college also works with the private and public sectors in the services mentioned above. The college participates in holding sessions and seminars in all fields of engineering.

    College of engineering in Babylon university looks forward to:
  • 1-Teaching curriculums that have academic accreditation.
  • 2-Having a well-qualified cadres that is able to provide counseling in the different fields of engineering.
  • 3-Using advanced teaching methods.
  • 4-Spreading the idea of environment protection.


College of engineering is keen to be a distinguished center that gives best education and expertise. The college also prepare a well-qualified engineers to fulfill the needs of the community.


The college is keen to accomplish the following objectives:
  • 1-Providing the needed cadre from professors and staff.
  • 2-Provision of services in its different types.
  • 3-Supplying laboratories with the needed equipment.
  • 4-Raise the level of professors through the participation in the scientific seminars.
  • 5-Developing scientific departments according to the needs.
  • 6-Holding sessions and seminars and exchange experience.
  • 7-Providing consulting services and designing.
  • 8-Providing internet center that helps students and professors to communicate.
  • 9-The college should have a library that have the needed resources.
  • 10-Continuous communication between the college and its graduates.
  • 11-Putting a sturdy plan to review and evaluate college performance.